Do You Want to Get Rid of the Birds on Your Property?

To prevent or get rid of birds or pigeons, homeowners need to make roosting and nesting areas inhospitable.

Several methods are used to eliminate birds. Exclusion is a process in which the areas where the pigeons are nesting are eliminated. This is done by putting up a barrier such as wire or netting. This procedure effectively stops the breeding of pigeons on your residential or commercial properties.

Classic Pest Control also uses other methods, including bird spikes, Avitrol, netting, and bird flex shock.

Bird Spikes

About Our Bird Control Treatments

  • Bird spikes are added to the peaks of your home to prevent pigeons from landing.
  • Avitrol is used to control the pigeon population around your home. Avitrol will reduce the pigeon population by 98%.
  • Bird flex is another prevention method mostly used in restaurants and commercial properties. It is used in the same areas as the spikes but uses electric shocks to prevent pigeons from landing. They are not noticeable when installed on buildings, except for when they are installed on the lettering on signs. This is proven to be a very effective method.

Classic Pest Control offers cleanup services for pigeon droppings for commercial properties. It is very important that it is done by experts because their droppings can cause serious health issues. Contact us right away!

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