Pricing Information for the Pest Control Services We Offer

Monthly Services

We offer monthly services as well as bi monthly, quarterly and one time services for all general pests found around the Visalia area including spiders, ants, waterbugs, beetles, earwigs, and more.

All service agreements include inside and outside services and webbing of all the eves. We typically only do the inside and outside first service and then just keep up with the outside monthly to keep the barrier up and prevent pests from returning inside, but the inside is included in your service any time upon request. If we spray the inside of your home or business, all people and pets will need to be out of the house for about three or four hours. This is for the safety of everyone involved.

Yearly and 6-Month Services – We offer a 12 month contract starting at $45 per month, or a 6 month contract starting at $50 per month.

Bi-Monthly Services – This is a 12 month contract with visits every other month, starting at $70 per visit.

Quarterly Services – A 12 month contract with four visits per year, starting at $85 per visit.

Depending on property size and distance from our office, price could differ. One of our friendly technicians will provide you with an accurate quote after reviewing your property.

One-Time Services

General Pests – This is a one-time service starting at $175, and with a 30 day guarantee. Thirty days from the time of service, you can continue with us monthly starting at $45 per visit. This service does not include a contract so you are free to cancel at any time. General pests include ants, waterbugs, beetles, earwigs, spiders, etc. Mice and rat services are offered below.

Mice and Rats – This one-time service starts at $175, and also includes a 30 day guarantee. This includes baiting for mice in the attic and walls. Any rodent removal or patchwork would be extra, and you will be given a quote from our on-site technician as they go over your situation. Mice Bait Boxes are $40 each, and are placed in certain areas such as backyards and garages to prevent kids and pets from interacting with the bait.

Roaches – Services start at $175 initially and can be continued at $45 monthly. There is no contract, so you can cancel at any time. We will lay down roach bait and unlike our general spray service, there is no need to leave the house for a few hours and remove pets. If infested, removal of everything from cabinets and other areas in kitchens and bathrooms will often be required so we can properly bait the area and clear the roaches in a safe manner for you and your family. Before removing items, we recommend speaking with a technician as they will be able to inform you what should be done during the first visit.

Pigeons & Birds / Bees – These are often very specific situations so it is best to call us for current pricing. Some quotes may be subject to service charges.

General Pest and Roach services combined starts at $200 initially, and can be continued at $55.00 per month with service for both treatments.

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